Formerly the ancient Castrum de Caneto, the village of Le Cannet was split between the old hill top village and below the modern and commercial village which has been planned and built around a park of centenary oak trees.

Old Cannet is a classified village built in the gothic provençal style on the top of an outcrop which overlooks the Maures plain.

Reaching the ends of the old streets,garlanded with flowers you will find the old gateways to the walled village, shady squares with their wells, the oil mill, the ruins of the castle and the St. Michel church with its simple XIth century architecture but which rounds off the incomparable charm of the whole village.

Charm which is mirrored in the warm welcome you'll receive from the local residents. The village also has an impressive natural heritage. Take a walk in the Maures plain and you'll discover an exceptional range of flora and fauna.

As Yves Pascalet, the walker and writer put it, "it will seem like you are walking in the African Savannah".

What to see:

Vieux Cannet, The Verrerie bridges 2 hump backed bridges on the R.Riautord and R.Aille which date from the XVth century, located on the St. Tropez road, the Escarcets lake on the Maures plain, walking and mountain biking, hunting, parachuting, donkey rides, fishing.

It's worth taking time to visit the Maures plain which is a unique site in France thanks to its exceptional variety of fauna and flora. In the same vein there is a pleasant walk down to the Escarcets lake which has been recently bought by the "conservatoire du littoral." Leave your car at the entry of the track at Tire (on the right of the D558, direction St Tropez around 6 km from the village). It takes around 20 mn to reach the site and its arrangement of flat rocks. There are two further sign posted walks leaving from the old village of Cannet which take you through the limestone countryside.
If you prefer not to walk take your car as far as the junction with the D48. Opposite the crossroad there is a small field where you can leave your car. Near to the rocks there is a XVIth century bridge, set in superb surroundings…

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