The vallon Sourn near Correns

Are you a beginner or already trained ? On the beautiful calcareous rocks of Provence you will discover climbing techniques.

Through undulating  hills and protected areas, the Argens and ist affluents quietly traverse the green Provence. Site recommended by France’s climbing federation (Fédération d’Escalade de France). Special prices for climbers in our cottages !

On the way, their bends wind along the pastel colours of soft rocks, full of cavities and clefts and smooth shaped sculptures.

Unique faces for their environment richness, these cliffs are unique in the world for the practice of climbing. In the midst of these natural sites, climbers have a privileged place as well as rare birds and precious flowers.

It is a fragile observation post, where, as everyone knows, life hangs by a thread ; a privilege which means respect, rigour and carefulness.

This « sensation of a privilege » which is the slogan of the commune of Correns is especially felt in the famous « Vallon Sourn ». A vale, real hyphen between the villages of Correns and Châteauvert, where world-wide famous climbing sites are located : « Les Roches de Bagarèdes », Val Obscur (so-called « l’Hacienda ») and « La Roquette » which is reserved for beginners and their families.
(Source ©La corditelle)

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